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Smart Apps

Our smart apps help you optimize the management of your personal resources, creativity and innovation capacity necessary to accelerate the transition to circular economy

  • e-Learning Games
  • Circular Innovation e-Tool
  • MindSet Performance e-Tool

MindSet DNA e-Test

Unleash your potential!

with the MindSet DNA e-Test

  • A robust human typology model
  • e-Tools to assess collective MindSet DNA
  • e-Learning to uplevel your self-awareness
  • e-Trainer to enhance your adaptive capacity to change your MindSet according to your circumstantial needs
  • Tips & Tricks included in online Master-Classes, Workshops and Lessons

81+ e-Test Project

  • Measure thinking patterns, perception of value, creativity, learning skills, communication capacity, adaptive capacity to a new economic model, and other competencies necessary for the transition to a  circular economy.
  • Strategic Business management tools, Creativity Tools upgraded with the MindSet DNA , introduced at our Masterclasses ( for example SWOT, Business Model Canvas, Ikigai, Systemic Impact, Risk Management, Leadership Capacity Levels )


Collective MindSet DNA e-Test

Save Time

Optimize your Services, Communication, Team Performance and Product Design with the Collective MindSet DNA e-Test

  • You normally need hours, days or even months of assessment of your customers, products and teams in order to improve your performance.
  • The world around you change so fast, and customers do too, that it is not easy to catch up.
  • The Collective MindSet DNA e-test will help you in 3 min get the clarity you need for decision making.



  • When your team is looking after a new project, do they all have the right mindset ?
  • Which is your team pattern-approach to solve problems ?
  • Is the MindSet DNA of any of the leaders in your team the right match to the DNA of a project or customer ?


  • Which is the MindSet DNA of your customers ?
  • Is your communication or message DNA  code a match to your avatar/persona MindSet DNA code ?


  • Does your product/service nice have a MindSet DNA code ?
  • Are your products DNA a match to your customer avatar/persona MindSet DNA code ?


  • How long it takes for you to spot trapped value and multidisciplinary systemic innovation opportunities in the value chain ?


  • When you facilitate a training program, do you know the type of value your attendees appreciate more ?
  • What type of knowledge or competences are for them more important according to their individual MindSet DNA ?
  • Which are your attendees preferred content for learning ?


  • Is your coachee ready for a coaching session ?
  • Where are the barriers, blindspots and perception challenges your coaching customers have ?


  • How long it normally takes for you to spot trapped value and innovation opportunities ?


  • How long it tasks for you to unveil the faster process to help your customers shift from linear to circular thinking ?

MindSet Harmonizer & Perception of Value e-Trainer 


  • Adaptive capacity is essential for you to shift your MindSet according to the conditions and challenges you face, your circumstances.
  • Externalities as well as personal issues, barriers, blindspots, may threaten the stability and sustainability of your life or business process,  or create opportunities for you to achieve your goals. 
  • Opportunities are everywhere but do you perceive them ?
  • How does your current MindSet pattern limit your capacity to perceive opportunities ?
  • Do you have the ability to shift your MindSet from Linear thinking into Circular Thinking ?
  • The MindSet Harmonizer & Perception of Value e-Trainer, will help you optimize your adaptive capacity

Is your MindSet DNA in Balance ?

  • Very seldom we have the chance to meet individuals or organizations that have an extreme condition of having MindSet DNA that focus only in one category or cypher.
  • Please visit our human typology site to learn more about the archetypes (avatars) of your MindSet DNA
  • With the MindSet Harmonizer and Perception of value e-Trainer you will train your brain, perception, thinking, behavior, to shift from one MindSet status to another one quickly, softly and in balance to your purpose, goals and business process

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