Investing in the future you want is rewarding.

Sustainable living, Quality of Life, Resilience, a Circular Civilization, Peace and Equality.

Partnership with us, impulse the change you want to experience in the world.

Choose a convenient alternative

  • Direct Funding Bonds of 250,00 EUR each 
  • Funding Platform (FUNDSUP) for 260.000,00 EUR Round, business performance updates
  • Convertible bonds (invest yourself: trade knowledge, competences and skills for certificates convertible into shares)
  • Credits (Pay it forward, commit to your own success to be rewarded)
  • Launching customer (Label Partners) for our MVPs, receive unique price opportunities and tailor-made the services, products design and content.

We plant trees

For each 250.00 EUR you invest we plant a tree

Impact Investing

We update our business performance every season (3 months)

  • Business Valuation
  • Metrics
  • Pitchdeck

Direct Funding

For your investment with this bond you would like to learn more about our company.

  • Business Valuation
  • Forecasted Revenues
  • Bond Agreement
  • AFM Register



Invest Yourself


Receive certificates (BONDS) to be converted later into shares. As members of a start-up we engage with our expertise, and share the outcome of our work. We share the risks as well as the success.


  • Continous training, certification and commercial licenses ( Matrix-Q Akademia)
  • Royalties and commissions, scale up with us
  • We are a Gender-Equity Company, 50% of our employment and stakeholder roles are reserved for women
  • We are a social impact company: engage with us, create the change you want to experience in the world

Invest with your Expertise

Your working hours will be converted into shares

Which fields of expertise ?

  • We are a multidisciplinary ecosystem
  • Do you share our vision and mission ? then talk to us.

Which location ?

  • We are growing internationally
  • Tell us about your location.
  • Are you living in the Netherlands ? join us in one of our meet-ups

Invest in yourself

  • Credits (Tickets) are an opportunity to invest in your future, by creating a commitment with your own success

With CREDITS (Tickets) you can acquire any of our digital or human services

Launching Customers


We are an R&D Multidisciplinary Circular Innovation Ecosystem

  • We continuesly develop new circular-innovations, SaaS, PaaS, HaaS
  • It means that we always have new products in early stage versions, that need of validation, improvement or upgrades.
  • As a launching customer you agree that the product or service is not 100% at the level of quality, readiness or impact we will reach in close future. Yet the current functionalities, competences and content delivered have value and will up-level the effectiveness of your organization and human capital.
  • As a launching customer you join the Matrix-Q Label Partner Program which offers you a number of benefits and special conditions, like pricing, volume, payment options, and others.
  • Partnership may also involve co-investment and participation in products economic success 
  • Partnership with us in our road map journey
  • Influence preferred design and outcome of our products and services (tailor-made)
  • We showcase your company success
  • Choose the social impact field you would like us to focus in
  • Invest with us

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