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Human Competences

Meet your trainer at your LOCATION ( Please contact us for more details - due to COVID-19 )

With lean learning methodology we will accelerate your capacity to apply circular economy principles.

Human Competences [ONLINE]

Meet the trainers ONLINE (Zoom, Skype or Highly-Secure Private Online Service)

With lean learning methodology we will accelerate your capacity to apply circular economy principles.


Automated e-tests help you assess your capacity, performance, strengths, potential.

For individuals that wish to improve their performance. Also for trainers that would like to run a collective assessment for a group of customers.


Data-driven e-learning to enhance your learning capacity and performance.

Also e-Books, e-AudioBooks and e-Workbooks will create data on your learning skills to help you advanced your learning capacity.


Enhance your brain performance with sonic and visual training.

Enhance your memory, creativity, focus and attention span.

The e-Trainer helps up-level your creativity by daily application of circularity principles

e-Emotional Intelligence & Adaptive Capacity

Bring together body, emotions and mind into one single force of action.

A leadership skills training program that combines martial arts, stress management, emotional intelligence, yoga, creativity, attention span, concentration, focus and multiple intelligences applied.

All activities are nature inspired. It means you will learn nature systems, laws, principles, rhythms, cycles, that will help you up-level your circularity thinking and innovation capacity.


e-Games and e-Simulations that will challenge and up-level your capacity to apply the knowledge you have acquired.

Focus on circular thinking and innovation capacity, adaptivity, accelerated learning skills and creativity.

e-Innovation Lab

Use an e-tool for trapped value release.

Enable multidisciplinary and circular innovation.

A.I. Will help you optimize your innovation.

e-Human Matching : JOB-HUMAN

Which is the ideal human for the job ?

We utilize our methodology to represent human and jobs with unique codes.

A data-driven matching tool that will enhance your strategy and up-level your performance.

Assess the potential matching of an employee/candidate to a job position and tailor-made a capacity-building program to up-level its readiness for the job.


Learn more about your own potential and actual capacity.

Predict your future development.

Strategically choose your professional path steps.

Set milestones and goals to unleash your human potential.



Optimize your investment in human capital with data-driven assessment tools and data analytics.

The learning capacity of your employees defines your adaptive and innovation capacity.

Team members with leadership, learning skills and adaptive capacity are able to conquer change, uncertainty, unpredictability and ambiguity.

Measure the capacity of your team.

Increase your chance for success.

My A.I. e-Coach 

The A.I. Engine learns with you along your professional career.

100% safe. It is your data, your own choices, your life path.

You set the rules: your achievements, goals, changes of destination and strategy. 

The A.I. Engine learn with you, about you, to help you optimize your own choices and performance. 

While facing a new step in your life or profession, the A.I. Engine will help you optimize your future.

Your own individual and personalized A.I. Coach. will suggest you ideal learning activities and challenges.

e-Akademia [ Circular-Innovation Consultants ]

Acquire circularity knowledge, data-driven tools, and human competencies that A.I. can not displace

Associated consultants provide services also as trainers, coaches and innovation advisors.

Entrepreneurs and leaders, learn how to transform their organizations or netwokrs from inside out.

e-Akademia [ Circularity Impact Investment ]

Acquire innovative knowledge to guide you in the assessment of the impact of your circular-investment.

Leaders, Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Impact investors learn together.

Create with your investment a positive impact in people, nature and economies

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Along the assessment session we will learn about your priorities, goals and create together the strategy and process you prefer.

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